Willow 360
Willow 360
Willow 360
Willow 360
Willow 360
Willow 360
Willow 360
Willow 360

Willow 360, the only hands-free breast pump that’s 100% leak-proof — built with a patented latch that makes it possible to bend over, lay down, or run around without wasting a drop. It’s fully in-bra with no bulky motor, app-controlled from phone or Apple Watch, and compatible with hygienic self-sealing milk bags (they’re ready to store when removed from the pump) or reusable containers.

Pump purchase includes exclusive access to 360 Care, a personalized support program designed to set you up for pumping success. Willow 3.0 is now Willow 360 — a new name that celebrates pumping and living life from every angle.

Key Features of the Willow 360 Breast Pump:

  • Wearable, hands free breast pump designed anatomically correct for in-bra pumping.
  • 100% leak-proof in any position, Patented latch means you can even pump laying down.
  • App connected and controlled pumps. Track real-time milk output, edit session history and view daily statistics with the Willow® app
  • on your phone or Apple Watch. The Willow app gives you access to expert content and services at your fingertips.
  • 7 levels of hospital-grade suction (up to -245mmHG) with smart Suction technology detects letdowns to automatically switch
  • between stimulation and expression
  • Compatible with self-sealing breast milk storage bags (360° leak-proof mobility) or reusable containers (sold separately)
  • Exclusive access to 360 Care 1:1 virtual onboarding session, sizing support, and more
  • Rechargeable battery that lasts up to 5 pumping sessions
  • Dishwasher-safe with just two parts to clean
  • Made without BPA for a safer pumping experience
  • FDA approved, FSA/HSA eligible. Willow 3.0 comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

What's Included:

  • (2) Willow 360 Pumps
  • (2) 24 mm Flanges
  • (2) 21 mm Inserts
  • (2) FlextubesTM
  • (24) BPA-free 4 oz. Milk Bags
  • (2) Cleaning Brushes
  • (1) Charger

Willow 360

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