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The Breast Pump Store is here to help you find the right breast pump for your busy lifestyle. We are happy to offer the power and portability of Motif with the Duo series, that offers all of the features and advantages of a double electric breast pump for modern moms. You can qualify through your insurance to receive this breast pump for daily use, from the office-filled weeks to the long holiday weekends, at little to no cost out of your pocket.
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A Motif Duo pump may be the best fit for your family:

  • • 2.5-hour battery life and quick recharge.
  • • Complete mobility, weighing less than one pound.
  • • Closed system minimizes maintenance and prevents contamination.
  • • Quiet operations allow for discreet pumping.
  • • LCD screen and simple display allow for stress-free control.
  • • Breast pump includes power adapter, breast shields, milk containers, and more.


Lightweight, portable, and very discreet, the Motif Duo may prove to be your favorite breast pump. You can customize your pumping experience to maximize production and keep your little one fed. Whether you live an active life or you are a working professional, the Duo is designed to provide the right support and lasting comfort.


  • • 1 Motif Duo breast pump
  • • 1 Power adapter
  • • 6 Flanges (21, 24, and 27 mm)
  • • 2 Nipples, valves, and connectors
  • • 2 Tubes and connectors

Make Life Easy With The Breast Pump Store

For more than 100 years, our professionals have helped patients find the durable medical equipment they need to thrive. Based in Northern Illinois, The Breast Pump Store has the training and experience to help you choose the right pump for your growing family. If you’re ready to discuss the benefits of a Motif Duo, we’re here to help!

You can find your breast pump online and fill out our form. The Breast Pump Store can work with your insurance and medical provider to ensure that you qualify for the best breast pump to meet your needs in a very cost-effective manner. We’ll handle the details and ship your new breast pump to your door. Qualify Through Insurance and Save

The Affordable Care Act requires health insurance carriers to provide coverage benefits for expecting mothers. This includes the cost of a breastfeeding pump and supplies with no money out of your pocket. If you are not sure whether or not you qualify for an electric breast pump through your insurance, be sure to get in touch with our professionals by contacting us online or filling out the form below.

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