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Medela offers a range of breast pumps to cover the unique and varying needs of moms everywhere. Featuring two-phase expression technology and a range of comforting features to make pumping and breastfeeding a seamless experience, each Medela breast pump is designed to fit modern mothers with varying lifestyles and pumping demands. The Breast Pump Store is here to help you find the right breast pump for your growing family, and we’ll be happy to help you qualify through your insurance for an affordable outcome.
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Why should you consider a Medela breast pump to help you feed your baby?

  • Award-winning breast pump provides convenience and power
  • Convenient electric breast pumps deliver reliable results
  • Medela pumps can be powered by standard batteries or a battery pack
  • Hospital grade breast pumps and mobile pumps available
  • Covered by insurance at little to no cost to you!

Breast Pumps for Every Mom

Medela breast pumps are designed with a range of features to meet each family’s needs, meaning that one pump won’t fit all mothers. The Breast Pump Store in northern Illinois is here to serve as your online store for breast pumps and supplies. We have the expertise and inventory to ensure that new moms are happy with their breast pump. This is your journey into motherhood, and we want to help make it a pleasant transition! We offer a wide range of electric breast pumps, including products from Medela. These breast pumps are made to deliver the best breastfeeding support, from the newborn stage into postnatal, returning to work and other life activities, and more.

Medela Freestyle

Small, lightweight, and designed to fit into your busy life, the Freestyle is a hands-free breast pump ready to help you express anywhere you go. This breast pump kit provides all of the accessories needed to get started, including a pump bag, shields, caps, valves, tubing, bottles, and a cooler with an ice pack included. Rely on the USB-chargeable battery for convenient use in your daily life!

Medela Sonata

Modern technology can make your pumping schedule easier, and the Sonata breast pump is here to help. Featuring smart technology and intuitive controls, new mothers can benefit from the advantageous design of this closed-system pump. Inspired by the Symphony hospital breast pump, the Sonata delivers power and quiet operations in addition to its smart technology. Optimize your milk flow at home, in the office, or on the go with this mobile breast pump!

Medela Symphony

Some moms are looking for a hospital-grade rental breast pump, and the Symphony provides FDA-approved multi-user use for those meeting a medical necessity. This breast pump is made for long-term and frequent pumping, delivering the power and support needed to initiate, build, and maintain a quality milk supply. You can elect to purchase this unit out of pocket or secure it as a rental through your insurance coverage.

The Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump is here to help you produce more milk in less time and with less effort. Featuring 2-Phase Expression technology and a one-touch letdown button to seamlessly change between stimulation and expression, you’ll have full control over your pumping session to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and comfort.

  • Advanced Starter Kit — Start off right when breastfeeding with this starter kit, which includes all of the essentials needed. Rely on the 9-volt AC adapter for steady power, or install AA batteries for on-the-go convenience.
  • Advanced Backpack — Take your pumping sessions anywhere with the Medela Advanced breast pump, built into a backpack for added convenience. This kit also includes a cooler bag with an ice pack to help you store milk away from home.
  • Advanced On-the-Go Tote — All of the same features and products of this Medela breast pump, but with the device built into a handy on-the-go tote.

Qualify Through Insurance Today

Did you know that our Medela breast pumps are covered by most insurance carriers? You can qualify through insurance on our website to receive your new breast pump at little to no cost. This can be completed with a prescription from your doctor. Don’t have a prescription? That’s okay! The Breast Pump Store is here to help growing families transition with ease, and our team will work with your medical provider and insurance carrier to provide a range of breast pumps to choose from. Your new breast pump will be shipped directly to your home.

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