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When it comes to finding the right breast pump you can rely on quality products and trusted support from our online breast pump store. We offer Lansinoh breast pumps and supplies at little to no cost to you when you qualify through insurance. Find the right fit for your lifestyle through our online store, and be sure to get in touch with our team if you have any questions. The Breast Pump Store is here to provide the best results for every family, and we’ll be happy to help you get started with a Lansinoh pump!
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A Lansinoh double electric breast pump can provide ideal support for your growing family:

- Baby App for tracking, reminders, and education.
- ComfortFit® flanges provide comfort and ideal suction.
- Closed system makes cleanup a breeze.
- Eight suction levels and three pumping styles for customizable results.
- Can pump (single or double) directly into Lansinoh milk storage bags.

Lansinoh SmartPump

A double electric breast pump designed to help you maximize your comfort and output when it comes to feeding time! The SmartPump features modern technology to give you full control.

- Battery-operated for mobile pumping
- 3 pumping styles & 8 suction levels
- Closed system prevents milk in the tubing or motor
- Maximum production and comfort
- Pairs with Lansinoh Baby App
- BPA- and BPS-free

Lansinoh Signature Pro

Cost-effective technology in one convenient, powerful package. The Signature Pro can make your life easier, providing comfort and suction to maximize output.

- Digital display for clear customization
- Compact size and quiet motor operation
- Includes everything needed for a good start
- 2-mode technology to maximize milk expression
- Hygienic closed system design
- Relies on AC power

Breast Pump Support When You Need It Most

As a mother, you have your hands full balancing your new bundle of joy in addition to your career, daily activities, and loving family. If you need any support or training when it comes to your new Lansinoh breast pump, The Breast Pump Store is here to provide complete support! We have the experience and equipment to ensure that you receive everything you need to take control of your little one’s feeding times. This enables you to maintain a schedule while also ensuring that your baby has the vital nutrients needed to grow and thrive. If you’re ready to see if a Lansinoh breast pump is right for your unique preferences (and your insurance), feel free to contact us to get started!

Qualify Through Your Insurance

Did you know that you can qualify through your insurance for a new electric breast pump at little to no out of pocket cost to you? The Affordable Care Act ensures that expectant mothers with insurance such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, and more can receive a covered breast pump, often at no cost. Fill out our form to qualify through insurance, and one of our representatives will be in touch to discuss your available options!

Need Supplies?

The Breast Pump Store can also schedule resupply orders for your breast pump to ensure that you have everything needed for a smooth, hygienic outcome. We can navigate your insurance to provide a clear breakdown of your supply program, including parts, ongoing supplies, and customer support. Our goal is to help you maximize your pump’s performance in the most sanitary manner possible. Let us know if you need breast pump supplies, and our team will be happy to help!
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