Which Breast Pumps Does My Insurance Cover?

With the variety of current health insurance plans, it can be hard to know for sure what is exactly covered under your plan and what is not. The Affordable Care Act made it so that a majority of insurance plans must cover the cost of breast pumps. Let Lehan’s guide you through a few different options when it comes to the breast pumps that might be available with your insurance.


Medela is practically synonymous with quality in the field of breast pumps. Their brand is reliable, standing as the #1 recommended pump for more than 20 years. Innovative items like double electric pumps allow for moms to pump efficiently and effectively from both breasts simultaneously. 


Ameda is another trusted brand in the field of breast pump technology and is likely one that is covered under your insurance. Their pumps offer unique portability so that moms can pump even when they have places to be. They are also known for their safety when it comes to the preservation of the breast milk because their pumps are closed systems — it goes straight from breast to bottle without the possibility of contamination. 


Spectra is another potential brand of breast pump that you could obtain through your insurance. Their machines also emphasize the protection of the milk from exposure so that your baby is not at risk for illness. Additionally, they are known for machines that allow for single or double pump usage so that the mother can maintain proper levels of milk in both breasts.


Elvie branded pumps offer a couple of different perks that set them apart from their competitors. They claim to have the first silent, wearable breast pump which makes things more discreet when pumping in public. They also offer bluetooth technology that allows mothers to monitor statistics like milk output, pumping history, and even allow for timers and remote activation which makes the entire process far easier.

A new breast pump from any brand can be quite an investment, especially when accompanied by the immense cost of other supplies when dealing with a newborn child. If your insurance is able to help assist with the finances for a pump, it can make all the difference in the world for both the child and the mother.

If you are interested in looking into a breast pump, fill out our insurance form today. Lehan’s drugs can reach out to your insurance and find out exactly what you are qualified for.

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