The Benefits of Using a Breastfeeding Pump to Care For Your Child

As you’re starting to get ready for the arrival of your newborn boy or girl, you may be wondering if you should invest in a breastfeeding pump. While you can certainly breastfeed without a pump, there are several benefits to using one, especially if you plan to return to work or school after your baby is born. The Breast Pump Store is your source when it comes to finding the perfect electric breast pump that is not only covered by insurance, but will help you care for your child the way he or she deserves. Learn more about the benefits of using an insurance-covered breastfeeding pump and browse all our available models now!

Store Breast Milk for Later Use

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of using a breastfeeding pump is that it allows you to store milk for later use. This can be a lifesaver on days when you're running late, have a busy schedule, or when your baby is fussy and wants to eat more often than usual. Using a breastfeeding pump, no matter the model type, from The Breast Pump Store can help immensely when you’re in a pinch; the milk can be saved and stored for later use in the refrigerator without issue.

    Increase Your Breast Milk Supply

    Another benefit of using an electric breast pump is how it can help you increase your breast milk supply. Some new mothers find that their milk production decreases when they only breastfeed, but pumping can help to increase milk production and maintain a good nursing and pumping schedule. Breastfeeding pumps work by stimulating the let-down reflex, which helps to release more milk from the breast; this can be helpful for mothers who are having trouble producing enough milk for their baby.

    Make Breastfeeding Easier While At Work

    If you are planning to return to work after your child is born, a breastfeeding pump can make breastfeeding easier and more convenient. It can be difficult amid a busy workday to find time to breastfeed, but being able to quickly and easily use a pump from The Breast Pump Store can ensure your child is taken care of and that you stay on schedule.

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