The 4 Most Important Things to Know About Breast Pumping

When it comes to new and experienced mothers, there's a lot of knowledge about how to properly breast pump a baby. Lehan Drugs has compiled a list of the top four most important things any expecting mother should know about breast pumping to have their baby nurtured to its best health possible. Learn more and talk to us about getting a breast pump that works for you through insurance today.


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Any Planning Is Good Planning

Regardless of what manual or electric breast pump you use, creating a plan is important before the baby arrives. This all starts with asking what the best breast pump is for your specific needs. Other important planning factors include the supplemental supplies you'll have and what kind of space you will dedicate for feeding. 


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Professional Help

You're not alone when running through the hurdles of preparing for for your baby. Lehan Drugs is here to provide you with the right tools and advice for what you can do to nurse your newborn to great health properly. Our dedicated resource page also provides essential insight into being more than prepared for breastfeeding your child.


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Breast Pumping's Improved Convenience

As technology has improved, so has the ease of use and options of what kind of breast pump works for each individual mother. As a result, Lehan Drugs has stayed well supplied with the latest insurance-covered breast pumps that all serve distinct purposes.


The five major types of breast pumps include:

  • Manual breast pumps: This affordable option relies on simplified manual controls for mothers who don't plan to pump often.
  • Powered breast pumps: These electronic breast pumps alleviate a lot of the effort involved with manual breast pumps.
  • Hands-free pumps: Wearable pumps allow you to extract milk while you're out and about while staying lightweight and discreet.
  • Double breast pumps: As the name implies, these double the output to extract milk in less time. 
  • Hospital-grade pumps: If needed, these heavy-duty breast pumps meet any high demands for milk extraction.


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The Right Breast Pump for You

Being able to provide the perfect natural recipe for your child's health and growth with breastfeeding is an ideal solution whenever possible. Finding the right breast pump will also serve as a great financial asset compared to how fast the formula price will add up. There are great electric breast pumps out there that your insurance program can cover. Lehan Drugs offers a wide variety of insurance-covered breast pumps that cater to your needs



Have a breast pump or any questions on your mind? Set yourself up for successful nurturing of your baby. If you have any questions regarding getting the best breast pump for you through insurance, contact our team, and they'll help you as soon as possible.

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