How to Tell If Your Breastfeeding Pump is Covered By Insurance

Expectant mothers naturally want the best equipment possible to help take care of their babies, which is exactly what The Breast Pump Store’s online resources help provide. For decades we have helped supply mothers in Northern Illinois and beyond with the electric breast pumps they need to maintain a newborn’s nursing and pumping schedule. Let us help you be the best parents you can be by guiding you through the process of ensuring the breastfeeding pump you’re looking for is covered by insurance! Follow all the steps below and read through even more of our resources!

Fill Out An Online Coverage Application

Whether you already have a certain electric breast pump in mind and want to ensure it’s covered by insurance, or you are unsure of where to start, The Breast Pump Store can help! You can make sure your breastfeeding pump will require no out-of-pocket costs by filling out our online insurance form. Make sure to provide all the necessary information, including your name, due date, and insurance provider information.

    Let Our Electric Breast Pump Ensure You Qualify

    After your form is submitted, our team at The Breast Pump Store will connect with and discuss plans with your insurance provider to finalize qualifying electric breast pump options. Our mission is to help you enjoy a seamless nursing and pumping schedule for your child. After we determine that you qualify, expect a representative to be in touch about which breastfeeding pump is right for your needs.

    Find The Perfect Breastfeeding Pump for You

    You can start gathering ideas on which breastfeeding pump may be right for you and your child by browsing our entire online catalog. However, if you’re unsure about which one to choose, the team at  The Breast Pump Store will help you identify cost-effective options that are covered by your insurance. From there, your electric breast pump will be shipped right to your home!

    Get Started Now With The Breast Pump Store

    Expectant mothers deserve to have high-quality, affordable breastfeeding pumps, ensuring their children are properly fed during the critical early years of life. Fill out the online insurance form from The Breast Pump Store to learn more about if your ideal pump is covered!

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