How to Know if Your Baby Is Getting Enough Breast Milk

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Breastfeeding is a deeply personal and rewarding experience for new mothers. But even then, it is natural for concerns to arise about whether your baby is getting enough breast milk; this is especially the case if you’re having trouble encouraging your infant to breastfeed.

The Breast Pump Store can help you through this stressful and overwhelming time, however, by not only providing breast pumps that are covered by insurance but also helping you understand when your baby is well-fed. Let us ease your worries and ensure your little one is thriving — read on as we share insights on how to know if your baby is getting enough breast milk.

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Frequent Feeding

Newborns have tiny stomachs that typically cannot hold much milk, so they need to feed frequently. If your baby boy or girl shows hunger cues or asks to be fed every two to three hours, it indicates they are receiving enough nourishment. Be reassured that frequent feeding is entirely normal during the early months. Even if you cannot breastfeed every few hours, using one of our insurance-covered breast pumps is perfect for having plenty of milk on hand.

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Weight Gain

Regular weight gain can be a positive indicator of adequate milk supply. Your baby's weight should be assessed during scheduled pediatric visits, especially during the early months of his or her life. In the first few days after birth, it is typical for newborns to lose some weight. However, they should start gaining weight by the second week. Consult your pediatrician if you have concerns about weight gain or notice any significant fluctuations but rest assured an increase in weight can be a good sign.

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Bowel Movements

In the initial days after birth, your baby's bowel movements will consist of a black, tarry substance called meconium. As breastfeeding continues, the stools then transition to a mustard-yellow color. If your baby is having regular bowel movements, it suggests they are getting enough breastmilk via their mother or an electric breast pump and bottle. Monitoring your baby's urine output is another helpful indicator.

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Satisfied and Content

Right after a feeding session, a well-fed baby typically feels satisfied and content. He or she may appear relaxed, have a slightly rounded tummy, and release their grip on the breast. If your baby is calm and content, it is a positive sign he or she is receiving adequate nutrition. As a whole, babies who are adequately nourished will be alert, attentive, and responsive; they will display healthy weight gain and meet developmental milestones.

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Watching your baby grow and thrive is an incredible experience. By recognizing the signs of sufficient breast milk supply, you can gain confidence in your breastfeeding journey. Let The Breast Pump Store  help you during this entire process with our insurance-covered electric breast pumps for when you need to give your baby a bottle!

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