Expecting Your Second Child? 6 Tips to Make Your Transition Easier

Congratulations on growing your loving family!

Many parents are excited to welcome their second child into the world, both to add to the joy of parenting and to provide a loving friend and lifelong ally for the firstborn. If you are expecting your second child, then it is important to get a jump on preparing in order to minimize any stress or concerns later on. Keep in mind that this process will be just as involved as before, but with the addition of your toddler, who is now more independent and dependent at the same time.

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Explain These Changes

Being promoted to a big brother or sister can be exciting for your firstborn, but they may harbor feelings of uncertainty over no longer being the baby. Honesty and clear, consistent communication always yields positive results for parents, and when the time comes to explain the process of growing their family by one more, it’s helpful to discuss all of these imminent changes. You can explain that this change will only make everyone happier, as you will still love your firstborn just the same. 

Give Things Time

Up until this point, your small family has likely gotten into a pretty efficient groove. From nap time and snacks to bathing, playing at the park, and everything in between, every aspect of your life will now be changed. We recommend taking a step back when you feel frustrated or disappointed in yourself to consider that this is a completely new dynamic, and over time everyone will adjust and mesh together. The first couple of weeks can prove to be the most stressful, so try to stay calm and enjoy this opportunity to bond with your family.

Try to Retain Your Routine

A routine is beneficial for everyone in your family. For the parents, it helps to provide order and organization during a busy day. For the older sibling, this will help to retain normalcy in the first few weeks of welcoming the baby home. Remember that a lot of the focus will be on the newborn, and that your toddler may feel left out of the loop. A return to your regular routine can retain regularity and allow room to introduce the needs of your second child.

While sticking to a routine helps to make life less stressful, fretting over some tasks or details may prove to be unproductive. If you get a little behind on the laundry or cleaning the dishes, try not to stress out! A second child will undoubtedly take up more time and attention than you’re used to, so be sure not to be hard on yourself if things aren’t as ‘perfect’ as normal.

Schedule More Breaks

Spending the time to establish a new feeding and pumping routine in addition to caring for your toddler can prove to be tiresome. Mothers who spend their downtime cleaning and preparing meals may find themselves more exhausted than before. 

Our advice? Schedule some time to sit down and relax when possible. It can be hard to carve out time to sleep and take breaks, but doing so can help to make the rest of your day that much better. 

Watch Over Playtime

There is no joy comparable to watching your children interact and bond, and during the first few months, it is vital to ensure you are closely supervising playtime between your toddler and infant. Young children are eager to help and provide affection, yet often do not understand just how fragile their sibling can be. Keep a closer eye on things, at least until your older child has learned how to safely interact with their younger sibling, and until your newborn is old enough to enjoy the playtime.

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