Everything You Need to Know About the Elvie Double Breast Pump

Are you a new mom looking for a breast pump that allows you to pump discreetly and conveniently? Look no further than the Elvie Double Breast Pump, available at The Breast Pump Store! This electric breast pump is designed to make your pumping experience easier and more enjoyable, all while fitting seamlessly into your busy lifestyle. Read all about the benefits this pump provides, then visit our shop to get yours today!


Silent and Discreet Pumping Anywhere, Anytime

Say goodbye to bulky tubes, wires, and loud noises. The Elvie Double Breast Pump provides a discreet and comfortable pumping experience, whether you're at work, running errands, or simply enjoying some downtime. Designed to fit seamlessly into your bra, this pump allows you to pump with confidence and without drawing unwanted attention.

Intuitive Technology for Effortless Pumping

The Elvie Double Breast Pump is equipped with intuitive technology that takes the guesswork out of pumping. It features a unique sensor that detects letdown and automatically switches from Stimulation to Expression mode, mimicking the natural breastfeeding experience. 

Hassle-Free Maintenance and User-Friendly Operation

New mothers have enough on their plates, and the last thing they need is a complicated breast pump. The Elvie Double Breast Pump takes the stress out of pumping with its easy-to-learn operations and hassle-free maintenance. With no tubes to clean and no intricate assembly required, you can focus on what matters most — nurturing your little one. 

The Power of the Elvie App for Added Control

To enhance your pumping experience, the Elvie Double Breast Pump comes with a free app that allows you to document and track your pumping sessions. Gain valuable insights into your milk supply, pumping duration, and more, all conveniently accessible on your smartphone. 

At The Breast Pump Store, we understand the importance of finding the perfect electric breast pump to support your breastfeeding journey. The Elvie Double Breast Pump offers unparalleled hands-free convenience, silent operation, and user-friendly features that make it a top choice for new mothers. Visit The Breast Pump Store today and qualify through insurance to discover just how affordable the Elvie Double Breast Pump can be! 

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