Does Medicaid Cover Breast Pumps?

Motherhood can be a wonderful experience that brings lots of joy into your life. It can also be extremely overwhelming, especially when it comes to the constant need to feed your child. At The Breast Pump Store, we want to help make your life simpler by providing you with the medical equipment you need to adequately feed your child stress-free! We work with most insurance companies to make our products affordable, so check out our website to find the perfect pump for your needs! 

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What is a Breast Pump?

A breast pump is a medical device that assists new mothers in extracting milk from their breasts, making it easier to feed their children. This approach can help let mothers take a break from the direct contact method of feeding their baby, as well as giving others the ability to feed the child through a bottle. These devices are completely safe and do not alter the milk you extract!

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Does Medicaid Cover Costs?

Yes, Medicaid does cover the costs associated with one of our breast pumps! Unfortunately, Medicaid only covers a sole device compared to other insurance providers, but it is still adequate to get the job done! 

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Full Insured Breast Pump 

As we mentioned, Medicaid only covers one of the devices we sell in our store — the Zomee double electric breast pump. This device will do an excellent job extracting milk to feed your child, so although it is the only option, it is a great one! 

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Our Simple Process

You can receive your breast pump in three easy steps: 

  1. Get or send us your prescription using our easy-to-fill application. We will take care of reaching out to your doctor. 
  2. Pick your pump. Feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have.  
  3. Confirm your address and receive your device with free shipping! 

If you are a new or expecting mother with Medicaid and require a breast pump, we have you covered at The Breast Pump Store! Check out our website to get the process started today! 

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