6 Things To Know If You Are Getting a Breast Pump Through Insurance

As an expecting mother, you likely have a lot on your to-do list right right now. Finding and purchasing an electric breast pump is important, but likely not as urgent as other key tasks. However, when the time comes to improve your ability to feed with a breast pump, you’ll need to be sure to make the right choice both in terms of pump type and store provider.

The Breast Pump Store is here to help you find modern breast pumps and supplies to help you grow and maintain a healthy bond with your little one. We can help you qualify through your insurance to generate very affordable results, all without any stress or paperwork.

Browse our guide to help you find the right breast pump, and be sure to keep reading to learn more about qualifying for your new pump through insurance!


1 - Your Insurance Likely Covers Breast Pumps

As a result of the Affordable Care Act, most carriers are required to provide insurance-covered breast pumps with no out-of-pocket costs to the patient. This act specified that breastfeeding is an essentially beneficial service for both mother and baby, and should therefore count as essential in preventative care. If you are expecting a child, then you likely qualify for a free breast pump!

You can qualify through insurance online to easily find covered breast pumps with the help of our professionals!

2 - The Types of Pumps Available May Vary

Many customers wonder whether or not they are covered, which can be answered by our team. It’s important to know that every insurance plan differs in terms of coverage, making it essential for you to check before moving forward with your new pump. The pump brands offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield, for example, may differ slightly from providers including Cigna, Aetna, and Humana.

It can help to know that the products available through our online store are among the most commonly covered, including makers such as Medela, Lansinoh, Spectra, Motif, and more. Get in touch with us to see how our inventory compares to your insurance benefits!

3 - Your Timing May Matter

Your insurance carrier will likely have a specific timeframe for you to order your breast pump. Some providers will prefer that you order your breast pump several weeks before your due date to ensure optimal readiness, while others may only accept an order within a set window before the baby is due. Remember, sooner is better when it comes to buying a breast pump, so be sure to get in touch with us if you’re at the 30-week mark!

4 - A Prescription Will Likely Be Needed

Regardless of how you wish to obtain your new breast pump, a prescription will likely be needed from your doctor. This is because your benefits will require a request for a durable medical device. Before you stress about this process, keep in mind that The Breast Pump Store can work with your physician in addition to your insurance company for a simple, convenient outcome.

5 - You Can Get a New Breast Pump for Each Pregnancy

Many mothers are surprised to learn that they can receive an insurance-covered breast pump for every pregnancy. This means that you aren’t stuck with the old, outdated breast pump purchased for your last baby! Be sure to check your insurance benefits, as some plans may cover breast pumps on a calendar basis, such as annually or biennially.

If you wish to buy a second breast pump in addition to an insurance-covered pump for this pregnancy (maybe to have one at work and one at home), keep in mind that your provider likely will not cover the costs. That being said, we can help you find very cost-effective breast pumps if you are looking to add a second one!

6 - The Breast Pump Store is an Authorized Retailer

One key factor in successfully purchasing your insurance-covered breast pump is by completing your order with an authorized retailer. Otherwise, your insurance may not offer to cover or reimburse the cost of your new breast pump!

The Breast Pump Store offers complete peace of mind throughout the process, and we’ll work closely with your insurance company to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits. Our online store is here to help you achieve the best fit for your family needs in a comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective manner.

Order Your Breast Pump Today

You can browse our online store to find electric breast pumps from some of the top manufacturers. The Breast Pump Store offers complete product support and education to ensure that you feel confident when the time comes to begin pumping and feeding. 

Browse our online store to begin searching for the best breast pump to fit your needs and insurance benefits, and be sure to contact us online if you have any questions. We look forward to assisting you!


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