6 Benefits of Breast Pumps for New Mothers


Modern moms are busy, balancing the needs of their newborn with work and family. If you’re about to begin breastfeeding, we highly recommend purchasing an electric breast pump to help make life better for both you and your little one. The Breast Pump Store in northern Illinois offers the best products backed by support to help make Mom’s job easier. From the very start, we know you want to give your baby the most love and support, and our online store is available to help you find the best choice for your growing family.

Not sure if a breast pump is worth the time? Keep reading for six benefits associated with breast pumps for new mothers, and be sure to check out our breast pump guide for a complete breakdown of our products and services!

Establish a Full Supply

When you’re establishing your milk supply with your newborn, it can take three days or more for your body to adjust and for the milk to come in. Consistent feeding schedules are a routine part of this process, and can help your body to provide the best support for your hungry newborn. You can work with a lactation consultant to generate a process involving both breastfeeding and pumping to increase your milk supply and production. We understand the anxiety behind not being able to produce enough to feed a hungry baby. Using a modern breast pump allows you to increase your supply and have more on-hand when needed!

Create More Freedom

You love the joy of raising your little one, but also deserve a night out every now and then. The same goes for the freedom to work out, run errands, or plan a fun-filled weekend. New mothers often feel anxiety over indulging in caffeine and alcohol. Your breast pump can help to provide milk when it is needed and the ability to let down when your little one is sleeping soundly. Every mother is unique, and deserves the support needed to achieve independence and freedom.

An electric breast pump can also help to provide more freedom when it comes time to return to work. Active moms with a busy career can rely on their stored milk supply to provide the best nutrition to their little ones while they are out and about. Relying on a mobile breast pump will allow you to maintain your feeding schedule while at the office, discreetly pumping and storing your milk until you return home.

The Breast Pump Store is here to provide supplies and support to mothers and their newborns, including insurance-covered breast pumps at no cost to help you focus on what matters (including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Tricare, Cigna, and more). For those dealing with health concerns such as Mastitis, an electric breast pump can help to alleviate buildup and foster healing. Let us know what you are looking for, and we’ll work hard to find the best solutions!

Share the Feeding

The shared experience of feeding between a parent and their newborn doesn’t have to be restricted to Mom. New fathers can also take time to nurse with their baby, providing the same high-quality milk through the convenience of a bottle. Being a close partner in parenting is the norm for modern dads, and feeding with the use of a breast pump enables them to bond with their little ones. Your baby will benefit from skin-to-skin contact, the rhythm of their father’s heart, and the warmth needed to rest and grow.

The science is in, showing that love is boosted through the love hormone, known as oxytocin. This hormone releases when cuddling, and while oxytocin levels aren’t quite as high compared to mothers and their newborns (after sharing such a close relationship for the first nine months!), the feel-good experience between father and baby is hard to describe. Breast pumps support this bonding process.

Earn Some Rest

Establishing a regular feeding schedule may mean that you find yourself up at two- or three-hour intervals, making for long days and tiring nights. Mothers can rely on the help of their spouse or close family members to take care of the baby for a few hours. As long as your appointed temporary guardian knows how to properly heat and serve a bottle, you can take the time to focus on you. Sleep is highly recommended, but we understand the need to go for a long walk, see a movie, or order in. You deserve a rest, so be sure to reach out to schedule some time!

Save on Formula Costs

The amazing thing about breast milk is that it is the very best formula for your baby, and it doesn’t cost anything! In comparison to powdered formulas, which can cost in excess of $200 per month for specialty formulations, breastfeeding is much more affordable. When it comes to saving and storing your milk supply, breast pumps help to eliminate the need for alternatives. Parents who are worried about hospital bills and work schedules can save money while also providing the best for their little one.

Provide the Best for Baby 

From the beginnings of your bonding time and establishing a schedule to fit your life to alleviating pressure and other concerns when it’s time to begin the weaning process, an electric breast pump can help you to provide the most care and joy during this beautiful stage. In cases where babies cannot breastfeed on their own at birth, pumping can provide the best supply through other delivery methods.

Qualify Through Your Insurance Today!

A double electric breast pump can be purchased through most insurance plans at little to no cost for the customer. You can qualify through insurance to find a range of breast pumps suited to your needs and lifestyle, including pump supplies and replacements to ensure breastfeeding mothers have the support they need. We know you want the very best for your baby, and The Breast Pump Store works hard to provide the best for you. Browse our site to learn more about our products and services, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions!

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