4 Common Breastfeeding Challenges That Breast Pumps Can Help You Overcome

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural and fulfilling experiences for a mother, but it can also come with its own set of challenges. From engorged breasts to low milk supply, breastfeeding can present a wide range of difficulties for new mothers. But did you know that electric breast pumps from The Breast Pump Store in Illinois can help overcome these common breastfeeding challenges?

woman suffering from breast pain

Challenge 1: Engorged Breasts

Engorged breasts can be incredibly painful and uncomfortable for mothers, and it can make breastfeeding difficult. Electric breast pumps can help relieve engorgement by expressing milk and reducing the pressure on the breasts. This can help alleviate pain and discomfort, and it can also help improve milk flow.

baby breast feeding

Challenge 2: Low Milk Supply

Low milk supply is a common concern for many mothers. Electric breast pumps can help increase milk production by stimulating the breasts to produce more milk. By using a breast pump regularly, mothers can help improve their milk supply and ensure that their baby is getting enough milk.

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Challenge 3: Returning to Work

Returning to work can be a difficult transition for mothers who are breastfeeding. Electric breast pumps can help mothers continue breastfeeding even when they’re away from their baby by expressing milk and storing it for later use. This can help mothers continue to provide their baby with breast milk even when they’re away from them.

woman using a breast pump

Challenge 4: Time Constraints

Some mothers may have time constraints that make breastfeeding difficult. Electric breast pumps can help mothers express milk quickly and efficiently, which can help save time and make breastfeeding more manageable for busy mothers.

At The Breast Pump Store, we understand the importance of breastfeeding and the challenges that come with it. We are dedicated to helping mothers overcome these challenges by providing them with quality electric breast pumps that can be covered by their insurance. We have a simple form that helps mothers determine if their breast pump is covered by their insurance, making it easy for mothers to obtain the breast pump they need without any financial stress. Contact us today if you have any questions!

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